high productive photo books creation

Enhance Output Quality

High productivity 6 concurrent processors

ClaroPhotobook is a tool that easily optimizes
hundreds of images per hour

Picture. Perfect.

Intelligent image toning and enhancement individualized for each image, yet fully automated, or allowing for human approval and intervention.

CLAROPHOTOBOOK doesn't simply apply memorized curves and adjustments, it uses advanced image analysis. Then, CLAROPHOTOBOOK creates intelligent soft masks to enable automated toning and correction on separate areas of each image.

For instance, faces will get different treatment than the sky or the grass, and items that need sharpening are treated different from others that may only need proper toning...

CLAROPHOTOBOOK uses "target" toning and enhancement goals to determine appropriate correction amounts for each individual image, and using the masking mentioned above, applies the appropriate corrections to specific areas of each image.

Fast. Flexibility.

CLAROPHOTOBOOK tones each image fast, in seconds. It is also multi-threaded, so it can tone multiple images at the same time (still in seconds). This speed is combined with the flexibility to expand to a clustered system. The system can grow to process as many files as you need, simultaneously, to meet and exceed any production demands.

CLAROPHOTOBOOK also offers flexible workflow options - from fully automated to pre-toning with tools for manual verification and additional adjustment, flexible options for automated integration with other systems, and the flexibility to extract and tone images from within PDF files.


Let us help you optimize the way your work.