editorial workflow and multi-channel publishing

Affordable • Modular • Story-Focused

SUITE is an innovative platform for managing story or publication creation, curated content, physical and electronic publication production.

SUITE automates the editorial, advertising and production stages, making it easy to quickly produce small or large-scale publications for print, e-publishing, social media, web-pages, blogs.

Easily managed, story focused, multi-channel publishing.

SUITE combines asset-management, editorial, layout and production to automate the publication process. SUITE does all this, while remaining easily configurable and openly compatible.

ColorSaverible and affordable for small, medium, and large-scale publications, SUITE is a cost-effective, time-saving solution for today’s highly competitive and demanding publishing workflow requirements.

Feature packed

Story Editing

It is easy to create new stories/articles; titles, subtitles, body, etc. Everything can be quickly collected and "kept" (associated) with a story. The story content and any or all of its associated material can quickly be sent off to become online content, tablet-based content, social-media content or a physical publication ready for printing.


Send and receive articles to and from different users through SUITE’s centralized interface. Direct, automatic, instantaneous communication between different departments. Easily configurable user rights to access specific publications, sections, content, even a specific article's status. A very customizable platform for assigning and exchanging content.


Edit the story structure, grammar, content, and fonts, etc. Easily revert to a previous versions. The "drawing tool" gives managers and editors the ability to draw or write notes directly onto a page previews. Quickly compare two different revisions. Ability to perform 'Text Amendments', in real-time through the browser window, with no need of Adobe InDesign™ Server, or Adobe InCopy™ saving you thousands of dollars.

Photo Editing

All images attached to articles can be automatically forwarded to the retouching department with one click. Images can be sent directly from SUITE to Adobe Photoshop® and vice versa. - OR - By adding CLARO for automated image enhancement, images can be evaluated and automatically enhanced/toned, with the option for manual review and retouching, or completely automated without any human intervention.

Layout Design

The user can easily “Drag and drop” articles and images in to the page layout system, which can be integrated to work with Quark or InDesign. Content is automatically synchronized between DTP files and the SUITE database. Manage an array of templates that can be available for downloaded by the designers. Editors can automatically assign templates to pages to conform publications to design requirements.


Tracking stories/articles, versions, revisions, editions, comparisons, revert options, publications, advertisements, Log user activities, progress, modifications, date & time records, authors, production time, approvals, more . . .


The Platform

While the Publishing Platform is a powerful and effective place for creating, editing, designing and quickly publishing your stories to different channels, it is also the place to manage the production workflow - including assignments, access rights, design elements, and more. Read more about the SUITE Publishing Platform.


The Multi-Publishing Module provides one place where you can manage and modify content for all of your publishing channels. Simply click to share your stories, distributing rich media content through a SUITE's live publishing module to many different distribution platforms.

Ad Booking

Keep track of everything through one user interface. Drag and drop to place ads easly in place. Adjust column or cm size with live preview and database updates. Conflicts are highlighted. The measurements of ad revenue reported back to executives.


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