digital asset management


“Its intuitive interface, collaborative tools and fast retrieval means searching is a breeze. ARK helps to relieve the pressure and lets me do what I love, telling great stories.”

Phoebe Roth
News Journalist, Polaris Media
“We simply pointed the software at our digital archive and ARK did the rest. Our terabytes of assets became immediately searchable.”

Rod Kenning
CEO Polaris Media

Organised • Available • Secure

Enterprise-class digital asset management. A system to optimize and manage files and media, provide intelligent access to resources and content, organize and protect digital assets, without a proprietary file storage structure.

Find • Relate • Associate

Search assets with general criteria, or narrow a search to very specific words, content or dates. File names, meta data, XMP, IPTC, notes, even content within PDF, MS Office, HTML, TXT, RTF and ODT files are indexed and searchable.

Digital assets are manually or automatically associated with other assets. Users and Managers create individual “light boxes” that group assets for specific projects, clients, or categories.

Access • Evaluate • Impress

Preview digital assets from anywhere, without downloading. Review video files using "key frames" to identify desired content without having to watch the entire video. Maintain low-resolution previews for files that have been archived off the system, to search, index and access legacy material. Establish a system for retiring outdated assets.

Auto generate previews for the following file types: PNG, JPEG, JPG, JPE, BMP, PSD, TIF, TIFF, EPS, PDF, GIF, HTML, ICO, PS, PS2, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, AI, INDD, AVI, MPEG, MPG, FLV, MP4, WMV, ASF, and MOV.

Collaborate • Cooperate • Communicate

Comment and annotate pages, images, and videos, individually or collaboratively in real time. Establish targeted discussion forums, bringing vested parties together to discuss assets and projects. Maintain comments and discussions for future access, review and reporting. Involve customers and designers: focus on creativity, improve relationships and reliance.

Integration • Implementation • Distribution

Drag and drop images and assets into production programs like Indesign. Implement the advanced API to integrate with other third party systems. Easily share and distribute files and assets within your organization and to your customers and partners.


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