Jay Brown
Press Manager,
TPC Web Printing
“There is less ink mist in the air, less ink on the side frames and a lot less set-off!I have never been a believer in ink optimization, but now we can keep the ink keys up, so solids look good and graphics aren’t washed out.”
Karen Fioretti
Systems and Prepress Manager,
The Post Register
“We were just talking about the system in a management meeting this morning. While we expected to realize some ink savings, everyone was commenting on the improved quality. We are really happy with the quality – it has definitely improved our printing.”
Greg Davenport
Prepress Manager, The Herald-Times
Bloomington, Indiana
“ColorSaver allows us to use an industry-standard SNAP 220 ICC profile as our basis for color management. This is important because we have a KBA press, a DGM color tower, and a Goss Community press in the mix. We don’t have to treat pages differently based on where they’ll be printed and last-minute changes are not a cause for concern.”

100 % automated • 100% pdf system

ColorSaver works at multiple places in any production environment

ColorSaver saves 20% or more in ink costs

CMY grey balance bar is retained intact

ColorSaver uses the proper total area ink coverage


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