automated & intelligent image enhancement

Claro is the leading automated image enhancement platform for media companies, printers, agencies and organizations with large image volumes that analyzes and optimizes each digital or print image to achieve consistent and high-quality results.

Tone • Correct • Enhance

CLARO examines each image by analyzing the seven attributes listed below and then applies the proper toning for optimal image enhancement.


Claro V12 blends powerful new features and artificial intelligence to produce an application for the next generation of image toning requirements.

3 focal points for V12 - ENHANCE, VISION & REMOVE


Claro delivers a number of powerful new image toning functions and enhanced existing controls


Integration with Google Vision AI engine to provide image understanding, auto-keywording & specific toning capabilities


Integral to Claro workflows, integration with to create accurate cutouts and editable clipping paths

Picture. Perfect.

Intelligent image enhancement optimized for each image, yet fully automated with plug-in for inspection, approval and manual retouch.

Claro uses advanced image analysis to create intelligent soft masks for automated toning and correction on separate areas of each image.

The Claro face recognition function improves skin tones by analyzing image attributes to determine the optimal toning for faces.

CLARO uses target toning to determine the optimal correction amounts for each individual image, and using the masking mentioned above, applies the appropriate corrections to specific areas of each image.

Quality Check & Routing

Original Image optimized
Modified Image original

CLARO identifies the various characteristics of images and routes them to the corresponding image process channels for automated enhancement.

Original Image optimized
Modified Image original

Images tagged with a specified status via an XML tagging channel are routed using various conditions included in the routing channel criteria.

Original Image optimized
Modified Image original

CLARO automates image conversion including color to black & white, and image output for web sites, print publications and mobile apps from the original image.


CLARO tones each image in seconds. The platform is multi-threaded so it can tone multiple images at the same time with no performance degradation.

CLARO supports an enterprise-level clustered server environment for companies with high image volumes and production performance requirements.

CLARO offers flexible workflow options - from fully automated to pre-toning with tools for manual verification and additional adjustment; third-party system integration including with Google Vision AI and Removebg; and the capability to extract and tone images from within PDF files.

Case Study

polaris media

Malayala Manorama

Malayala Manorama Production

Mr. George Jacob, Executive Director of Malayala Manorama visited the News Hub Media stand at IFRA Kolkata 2016 and suggested to have a trial at MM.

Prior to the introduction of Claro by News Hub Media, Malayala Manorama were already utilizing automated image enhancement software but needed an updated solution that was capable of handling the significant increase of work now flowing through the organization’s production facilities.


Mike Grinder
Information Technology Analyst,
USA Today Network
“Having the Claro software to automate the transformation process for using the images in different places, the Web and print, for example, really decreases our workload. ”
Paul W. Huntsberry
Production Director,
Niche Media Holdings
“Claro has been an excellent tool and time saver for our magazines. It can quickly autotone and color correct hundreds of photos. ”
Aruna Wickramarachci
AGM Design,
Wijeya Newspapers Ltd.,
Sri Lanka
“Claro helps us to achieve a consistent image tonal correction day in and day out and across many of our publications. Our Photoshop operators now can apply their expertise on more demanding images while being rest assured that Claro is taking care of the rest of the images automatically…”


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